Saint Luke’s Church is an inclusive Episcopal church established in Los Gatos in 1883.

Our mission is to worship God faithfully together, to be a people in Christ and by the grace of the Holy Spirit to do God's work in this place.

As a community of faith we seek to model Jesus the Savior by practicing love, acceptance, inclusiveness, justice and peace. Our services are according to the rites of the Episcopal Church, one of the members of the worldwide Anglican Communion whose churches descend from The Church of England and are part of the universal 'catholic' church.

We actively practice inquiring, seeking and exploring our faith and our own spiritual life so there is no need to park your brain at the church door in order to practice Christianity with us. We hope and encourage you to bring the full force of your reason and experience on your exploration of Christian belief.

As Episcopalians our doctrine is formed and informed by The Book of Common Prayer which serves as the guide for our worship, a central element to our common life. Our style of worship at Saint Luke's is the Anglo-Catholic tradition, a continuation of the ancient rituals of western Christianity growing out of the Church of England and practiced in the context of renewal of liturgical understanding as well as the needs and conditions of life in Silicon Valley.

We welcome you whether you understand yourself to be Christian or are still searching for faith.

St. Luke's Inclusivity Statement

St. Luke's seeks to reflect the diversity of Silicon Valley in socioeconomic status, family structure, race, ethnicity, learning abilities, gender, belief systems, and sexual orientation. We believe every individual — child and adult — who comes to St. Luke's is a child of God with a unique identity and a singular experience deserving of respect, and we welcome them into our midst.

-- Saint Luke's Episcopal Church of Los Gatos, CA.